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ALLENTab – Smart E-Learning Tool
Admission FAQ
  • Q. 1 How can I enquire for Admission for ALLENtab?

Ans. You can enquire about ALLENtab courses and other information either by calling on our helpline numbers; 0744-2750311, or can also visit All India ALLEN Study Center.

  • Q. 2 Can you send details regarding fee structure, and admission procedure through e-mail?

Ans. Yes, You can get complete detail through e-mail for this kindly mail us on tab@allen.ac.in

  • Q. 3 What is the online Registration Process for Allentab?

Ans. Click Here for FLOW CHART of Online Registration Process.

  • Q.4 I belong to Delhi and my ward wants to purchase Allentab and there is no study center in my city, how can I get it?

Ans. It is not compulsary to visit Allen study center you can get it by Courier at your Home Address which you fill at time of registration.

  • Q.5 I have filled Application Form online and now I want to pay my course fee but I am not able to come to ALLEN center. How can I pay my course fee?

Ans. After filling online Application Form you can pay your fee online via Internet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card from ALLENtab website. Also you can print Challan Form from ALLENtab website and can pay fee in Cash in your nearest branch of HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank and Central Bank of India.

  • Q.6 I have filled online Application form and have also paid my course fee & tab fee and I have Selected by hand Allen Center (from the list of Selected Allen centers) what do I need to bring at the time of collecting tab, when I visit at ALLEN center?

Ans. In case you have paid your course fee & tab fee, you have to bring orginal ID Proof along with your fee receipt that you can get from ALLENtab website.

  • Q. 7 What are the modes for applying and is there any fee for aplication form?

Ans. There is only one mode to apply for Allentab - through ONLINE Application, Registration is free of cost.

  • Q.8 What are the Modes of Payment for Allentab (Hardware)?

Ans. The Hardwar Payment.
Online Mode - Net Banking, Credit card /Debit Card or Credit Card-EMI (Available Only on HDFC Bank Credit Card)

  • Q.9 At which Address do I have to send the Application Form?

Ans. You have to send the Application Form at following address:
Administrator (DLP Division), 
SANKALP CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota (Rajasthan)
India 324005, Tel: +91-744-2750311

  • Q.10 Is there any Scholarship for Allentab Students?

Ans. No, There is no Scholarship criteria in Allentab.

  • Q.11 Is there any Doubt Clearing Facility available on Allentab for Study Material & Online Test series?

Ans. No, at present we do not provide direct doubt clearing facility to Allentab (DLP) Students however, we are providing necessary answer key / hint /solutions in online test papers.

  • Q.12 I want to change my Shipping address, Can I?

Ans. Yes, If In case you want to change your current shipping address(address filled in shipping address updation page), you need to send your alternating shipping address on Allentab official e-mail id, tab@allen.ac.in.

  • Q.13 Will you provide me an ALL INDIA RANK (AIR)?

Ans. Yes, students of JEE (Main), JEE (Main + Advanced), NEET-UG, AIIMS, Test Series will get their AIR as per their performance in the test.

Students Queries & Answer Regarding ALLENtab

Q.1 What is ALLENtab?

Ans. ALLENTab is basically a Testing and Analyzing e-Book which will increase the probability of selection of a Medical /Engineering/ IIT aspirant by manifolds.

Q.2 How will it increase the chances of selection?
Ans. Probability of selection will increase through:

  • Extensive Tests
  • Spot Assessments
  • Analytical Reports
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Infinite Revision
  • Pressure Handling
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Better Results

Q.3 Why has ALLEN introduced it?
Ans. In view of growing scenario of E- learning and widening scope of online exams (Several National & State level exams including JEE(Main), BITSAT, AIIMS are already held online), ALLENtab has now become an inevitable option.

  • Q.4 Why should I buy it?
    Ans. ALLENtab facilitates the students practice and revises more and accomplishes things like Better Time Management, Pressure Handling, SWOT Analysis etc. He can plan his study in a more organized manner. It is a tab customized to improve students’ results and ranks. Also, learning and revising on tab is more fascinating.

Q.5 What it the difference between ALLENtab and conventional coaching.
Ans. ALLENtab is an education tool aided to improve the results via extensive tests and revision. It is an add on to conventional coaching.

Q.6  How does ALLENtab help me in time management?
Ans. With ALLENtab, student can schedule his study by allocating valuable time. Added to it, student can also check the time devoted on each & every question and test and also be informed with upcoming examination dates to plan accordingly.

Q.7 How will it enhance my efficiency?
Ans. Extensive tests, results, SWOT Analysis infinite revision, improved abilities etc. finally enhance efficiency and better performance.

  • Q.8 How is it more useful?

Ans. Misuse i.e. access to websites, images, videos is denied during course duration to Focus only on Study and After course completion ALLENtab hardware can be used by anyone for Engineering / Medical colleges, Higher Education, Business/Profession and even Domestic use.

  • Q.9 Is it possible to customize ALLENtab according to my study requirements?

Ans. It is already available in customized form fulfilling all your requirements. You can add PDF Format files later on as per your requirment.

  • Q.10 Is there any demo or other support for operating ALLENtab?

Ans. Yes, ALLENtab has e-manuals & visual help guide for operating it. Student who is not a computer savvy can easily learn to operate ALLENtab.

  • Q.11 Once appeared for a test, can I reappear?

Ans. Yes, Once you have appeared the shedule date test, the same test paper will be shifted in practice test Application on the next day where he can attempt it unlimited times.

Q.12 I am unable to access certain websites, why is this happening?
Ans. Access has been denied. It is locked for the prescribed course duration to avoid any sort of distraction/misuse during studies.

  • Q.13 Is the Access Denied permanent?

Ans. No. You will have access to websites, images, videos etc. after you have completed your studies at ALLEN.

  • Q.14 Is there any refund facility?
    Ans. No. there is no refund policy. Once the course registration fee and Allentab charges has been paid it shall not be refunded under any state of affairs. ALLENtab is non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Q.15 What if I lost my ALLENtab?
    Ans. Regular backup of data can be done by the user on ALLEN Server so that in can of any loss or damage beyond servicing condition, the data can be easily retrieved on new ALLENtab.
  • Q.16 Will the tab replace the textbooks altogether?
    Ans. Not At All!! ALLENtab is there to add to the performance of the students. It is a Testing & Analyzing e-Book. Students no need to shuffle between heavy books to revise. Just digitized and voice notes on tab will help him revise on the go. It is a great portable Handbook.
  • Q.17 Is it possible to make changes, install, software and devices on ALLENtab?

Ans. No, it is not allowed, keeping in mind to make students focus on their studies. He can do such changes after course completion at ALLEN.

  • Q.18 What we provide in Allentab?


  • Study Material in Soft copy
  • Exercise
  • Online Test Series
Parents Queries & Answer Regarding ALLENtab
  • Q.1 How will ALLENtab motivate my child?

Ans. ALLENtab ensures enhanced efficiency and improved results through a systematically planned and organized study, extensive tests, reports and revisions. This motivates a student enough to procure ALLENtab which is an innovative educational tool for smarter learning.

  • Q.2 There is a risk that my child may MISUSE ALLENtab?

Ans. We assure you that no misuse is possible during course duration as we have locked all the distracting element in ALLENtab.

  • Q.3 I have 2 children studying at ALLEN, do I still need to buy them individual tab?

Ans. ALLENtab is meant for guiding student at a time. It is a student specific educational tool with all comprehensive reports and analysis pertaining to that particular student.

  • Q.4 How is it going to be economical?

Ans. ALLENtab is versatile and all pervasive. It can be used by anyone for Education/Business/Profession/Domestic use.


At the time of purchasing ALLENtab Hardware through online mode you will get an option of EMI . If you have HDFC Bank Credit Card you can avail EMI.

ALLENtab 11
For 1 Year Course Duration
Total Price - 11750
EMI Tenure Bank Interest Rate Monthly Installments Interest paid to Bank
3 Months 13% Rs. 4001.83 Rs. 255.49
6 Months 13% Rs. 2033.25 Rs. 449.5
9 Months 14% Rs. 1382.89 Rs. 696.01
12 Months 14% Rs. 1055 Rs.910
For 2 Year Course Duration
Total Price - 13850
EMI Tenure Bank Interest Rate Monthly Installments Interest paid to Bank
3 Months 13% Rs. 4717.05 Rs. 301.15
6 Months 13% Rs. 2396.64 Rs. 529.84
9 Months 14% Rs. 1630.05 Rs. 820.45
12 Months 14% Rs. 1243.55 Rs. 1072.6
ALLENtab 7
For 1 Year Course Duration
Total Price - 7200
EMI Tenure Bank Interest Rate Monthly Installments Interest paid to Bank
3 Months 13% Rs. 2452.19 Rs. 156.57
6 Months 13% Rs. 1245.91 Rs. 275.46
9 Months 14% Rs. 847.39 Rs. 426.51
12 Months 14% Rs. 646.47 Rs. 557.64
For 2 Year Course Duration
Total Price - 8900
EMI Tenure Bank Interest Rate Monthly Installments Interest paid to Bank
3 Months 13% Rs. 3031.18 Rs. 193.54
6 Months 13% Rs. 1297.82 Rs. 286.92
9 Months 14% Rs. 1047.47 Rs. 527.23
12 Months 14% Rs. 799.11 Rs. 689.32
*Note: EMI Option is avilable only on HDFC Bank Credit Card.