About ALLENtab

ALLENTab – Best Tablet for E-Learning

ALLENtab is basically a Testing & Analyzing e-Book which will increase the probability of selection of Medical/Engineering/IIT aspirants by manifolds. It is one of the best e-learning tool for academic brilliance. ALLENtab is customized to improve students’ results and ranks.

MISUSE of ALLENtab is not possible as access website, images, videos is denied during course and will be allowed later on.

Increases the Chances of Selection

ALLEN Career Institute has introduced an ALLENtab with an aim to enhance probability of selection of students. It facilitates students with:

  • Scheduled &Constructive Study Plan
  • More Practice & Revision
  • Incredible Performance Analysis &Feedback System
  • Pressure Handling
  • Enhanced Efficiency & Better Results

Benefits of ALLENtab

ALLENtab is a beneficial revision tool for a student which is adds on to improves his performance in competitive exams. The benefits of ALLENtab are as follows:

  • Comprehensive study material is designed by world class ALLEN faculties.
  • Being lightweight and ultra slim, it allows student to learn and revise on the go.
  • A student can avail the advantage of e-learning all the way through a string of interactive tools viz. Smarter Learning, Regular Tests, Analytical Performance Reports, SWOT Analysis etc.
  • With the preparation of target exams he can prepare for his respective boards examination also as it comes with board revision tools.
  • With the availability of necessary hints & solutions doubts can be cleared on the spot, thereby time, energy and money are saved.
  • Student can create his own glossary & wiki.
  • Digitized and voice notes in huge inbuilt storage reduce the size of bookshelf.
  • It keeps informed about the upcoming examination dates & other notifications.
  • Most importantly, students’ graph of result will increase.

ALLENtab & Conventional Coaching

ALLENtab is an add on to the conventional coaching system. It is a testing and analyzing tool whereby student can plan his study in organized manner and practice more for competitive exams which results in improved performance. With target exam preparation he can prepare and revise for board examination also. It is a great portable Handbook.

Accessories with ALLENtab

Accessories ALLENtab 7 ALLENtab 11
USB Cable Yes Yes
Adaptor Yes Yes


USPs of ALLENtab

  • Researched content by ALLEN academic experts
  • Practice & Revise infinitely
  • Preparing for Boards as well
  • Digitized & Voice Notes feature
  • Effective Performance Analysis
  • Preparing to handle pressure
  • Misuse not possible
  • Student will get AIR
  • Root level satisfaction at very student level


We are offering ALLENtab hardware warranty for the current session you have purchased.